Flat Laser Cutting


ParkerSteel Making the Jump to Lightspeed!

Our modern flat laser cutting machine is incredibly versatile, providing your business with a multitude of cutting and etching services for aluminium and steel. Thanks to our high precision lasers, we’re able to cut both thin and thick flat and formed sheet plate with ease. With both small and high volume batch profiling catered for, our machines can get the job done, no matter what the size of the project.


Choose a supplier You Can Trust

With many decades of experience between us, we’ve worked hard to maintain our standards in flat laser cutting, as well as a number of other metal processes. ParkerSteel is proud to hold a number of BS EN standards, as well as UKCA marking for all our equipment and metals.

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Our new laser set up has replaced all 9 of our lasers.



Speeds that beat CO2 process cutting.



24/7 processing with our automated laser system.



Autonomous integrated storage facility.

Finished to a High Standard

Flat laser cutting offers a smooth, well finished profile that’s hard to beat. With full CAD and CAM integration, all 7 of our machines can work with even the most complex of shapes to deliver a great looking piece of metal. With intricacy being one of the most favourable advantages of flat laser cutting, it’s great to know that our machines offer etching services too, even on fine metals.


The specifications for our machines are pretty impressive, with minimum and maximum cutting thicknesses that ensure a variety of metalworking projects are catered for. Stainless Steel: 0.5 – 20mm thickness Mild Steel: 0.5 – 20mm thickness Aluminium: 0.5 – 12mm thickness

Super quick processing

Due to flat laser cuttings ability to perform intricate tasks in super quick time, it’s a smart choice for anyone that requires prototypes of profiles before committing to high-volume batches. Similarly, those looking for multiple, small batches of varied designs will also find that flat laser cutting is the most sensible option for them. Our machines work 24/7, ensuring that your deliveries are on time, every time. With some of the fastest lead times in the steel and metalworking industry, we’re able to take on project of all sizes – just ask one of ParkerSteel’s experienced team members


Advantages of Flat Laser Cutting

There are many benefits to choosing flat laser cutting for your project and with our industry-leading metal processing services, we can offer a high quality service that’s truly a cut above the rest. Minimal distortion – Accurately cut even very thin materials. Versatile – Easily cut both highly complex and simple shapes quickly. Clean finish – Burr free edges mean there’s little to no need for final material finishing. Repeatability – It’s easy to repeat profiles batch to batch and within batches, without a high cost of hard tooling.

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Fast & Accurate

The steel industry is a fast one that demands a high level of accuracy and consistency. The robotic machinery we have installed in our fabrication plants creates an automated, efficient and productive manufacturing environment.

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Productive & Reliable

The TruLaser 5040 fiber offers high processing speeds and repeatable, high quality parts, even for complex contours. This solid-state laser can achieve excellent feed rates with clever assistant systems that make the complete process more productive and reliable than ever.

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Ideal for Non-Ferrous

The solid-state laser light is effectively absorbed making this the most cost effective solution for cutting non-ferrous metals. This is especially noticeable when cutting thin stainless steel - even intricate contours: the edges are burr-free and reworking is no longer required.

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Thick Material No Problem

BrightLine fiber technology makes it possible to achieve an excellent edge quality when cutting steel sheets up to 40mm. With this unique option, we can quickly change from cutting complex shapes in thin steel to high quality thick sheet processing on just one machine.

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Brightline Fiber

With the ability to change the beam size from small to large to suit the workpiece, a more consistent and superior edge quality is achieved on thick stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.

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Selectively cooling the metal during cutting allows more intricate cutting of mild steel and further ensures process reliability.

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Small Hole Processing

Small holes that would previously have been drilled can now easily be laser cut into metal, resulting in time saving and improved accuracy.

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Wider cutting technology allows molten material to quickly escape, improving the finish to the metal.

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Easier Removal

A smoother edge finish allows for parts to be more easily removed from steel sheets.

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