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Bright Round Imperial

Bright Round Bar (BRI), also known as Bright Bar, Bright Round Imperial, Imperial Bright Round Bar, Round Bright Steel is in stock for next day delivery. Buy standard stock or cut your material to length online for low trade prices, select the size and length Bright Round Bar you require using the dimension table.

ParkerSteel - Steel Stockholders, supplies a huge range of Bright and Engineering Steels to the construction industry across the South of England. All our Bright Steel products come with full test certification. When you shop with ParkerSteel, rest assured that all your documents are safely stored in our Document Store for your admin ease.

ParkerSteel - Steel Stockholders, supplies a huge range of Bright, Mild, Stainless Steel and Engineering Steels to the construction industry across the South of England.Alongside supplying many grades of engineering steel, we also offer a range of steel processing services such as drilling, plasma cutting, laser cutting, water jetting, priming and more. Our in-house services mean we can supply and process your steel all from one place.
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Full Products Matrix

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Size InchesStandard
080A15 230M07 230M07PB 212A42 214M15 080M40 210M15 606M36T 605M36T 708M40T 817M40T 080M15 EN362 535A99 Supacut45R Supacut55t
Red Green
Red Brown
White Brown
Yellow White
Purple Yello
Purple White
Blue Gold
Red Gold
1/8"Matrix DotMatrix Dot              
3/16" Matrix Dot              
5/16"  Matrix Dot             
3/8"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot  Matrix Dot          
1/2"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot  Matrix Dot          
5/8"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot             
11/16"  Matrix Dot             
3/4"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot Matrix Dot          
7/8" Matrix DotMatrix Dot             
1"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot            
1 1/16"  Matrix Dot             
1 1/8"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot             
1 3/16"                
1 1/4"Matrix DotMatrix Dot      Matrix Dot       
1 5/16"                
1 3/8"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot            
1 1/2"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot Matrix Dot  Matrix Dot       
1 5/8"Matrix Dot               
1 3/4"Matrix DotMatrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot          
1 7/8" Matrix DotMatrix Dot             
2"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot  Matrix Dot          
2 1/8"                
2 3/16"                
2 1/4"Matrix DotMatrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix Dot    Matrix Dot     
2 3/8" Matrix Dot              
2 1/2"Matrix DotMatrix Dot   Matrix Dot          
2 5/8"                
2 3/4"                
2 7/8"                
3"Matrix DotMatrix Dot   Matrix Dot  Matrix Dot       
3 1/8"                
3 1/4" Matrix Dot              
3 3/8"                
3 1/2"Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot             
3 5/8"Matrix Dot               
3 3/4"Matrix Dot               
4"Matrix DotMatrix Dot              
4 1/4"                
4 1/2"Matrix Dot               
4 3/4"                
5" Matrix Dot   Matrix Dot          
5 1/4"Matrix Dot               
5 1/2"                
5 3/4" Matrix Dot              
6" Matrix Dot              
6 1/4"                
6 1/2"                
6 3/4"                
7" Matrix Dot              
7 1/2"                
8"Matrix Dot               
8 1/2"                
9"Matrix Dot               
9 1/2"                
11"Matrix Dot               
Size InchesBlue
Red Green
Red Brown
White Brown
Yellow White
Purple Yello
Purple White
Blue Gold
Red Gold
Please select the Size Inches you require
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Colour Chart


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