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3.0mm DP1(240)LASER PVC 1.4301
Stainless Steel Sheet

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Our high-quality stainless steel sheet comes in a range of finishes depending on your specific project needs. Typically used for building exteriors, stainless steel sheet is a highly versatile material for manufacturers, architects and those in the construction industry. Choose stainless steel sheet for malleability, longevity, resistance to corrosion and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Buy standard stock directly from our warehouse or use our online tool to cut your steel to size. Sheet (SP), also known as Stainless Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheets ot Sheet Stainless, is in stock for next day delivery. Buy standard stock or cut your material to length online for low trade prices. Select the size and length of Sheet you require using the dimension table.

ParkerSteel - Steel Stockholders, supplies a vast range of Bright and Engineering Steels to the construction industry across the South of England. At ParkerSteel, all stainless steel stock products bought online can be delivered straight to site or your workshop. Additionally, we offer delivery tracking, test certification and all your other paperwork online for admin ease.
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